#SummerOfSwish Rolls On… J.R. Hits The Range With Dustin Johnson

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A look at J.R. Smith's golf swing. 🏀

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You know what the best part of the Summer Of Swish is? It’s not the partying. It’s not the shirtlessness. It’s not all the weed Adam Silver is going to give him a free pass for smoking (RIGHT, ADAM?). It’s not all the Henny he’s gonna drink. It’s not this fuego photoshop I made

Harry Truman

It’s that, at the end of the day, JR just wants to golf.

Like, for all the preconceived notions we have about him. For all the party pictures… for all the Henny… for all the weed… for all the women… for all the pipe he’s about to lay… for all the jokes… in reality, JR is gonna spend this whole summer golfing.

He’s kind of just like every washed old dad we know. He just wants to golf. While Kyrie is out fucking white girls and Lebron is banana boating in Spain and Kevin Love is Stone Colding Beers on his way back to fatness… JR is just looking to play 36 holes a day. All that good will from being a World Champ? He’s using it all to get access to the best courses in the world. Just a washed ass dad, constantly tinkering with his swing, just trying to smoke a cigar and drink a few beers to get away from his wife for a few hours… or, you know, a scratch golfer drinking henny smoking l’s laying pipe. #SummerOfSwish rolls on…

“You have coke on you, right?”


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