People Are Freaking Out At This Racist Red Cross Ad… I Don’t Get Why

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Racist? Uhhhhh… what are you guys talking about? You mean the Red Cross labeling the darker-skinned kids as “Not Cool”? That’s supposed to be racist or something? Because the darker skinned kids are “Not Cool” in the eyes of The Red Cross? What, were they not cool enough for D.A.R.E. too? Not Cool? I mean, come on guys.

You know what’s cool? All the shit that the Red Cross tells you is “Not Cool”.

Running on the pool deck even after the lifeguard tells you not to? That’s just bad boy life. Cool as hell.


Sweet dives to impress the ladies? Still cool, even as a 24 year old


Bullying bigger, older kids? That’s cool as shit and prepares you for a life of coolness.


Drinking beers and scoping chicks? Coolest shit you can do.


Dying? Well… well yeah dude, dying young is bad ass. You know who dies young? Rock Stars. What’s cooler than a Rock Star?


Playing games with your stupid ginger little brother? Literally the exact opposite of cool.


All of that shit the darker skinned kids are doing is extremely cool. Like always, the black kids are significantly cooler than the white kids. Is it racist that the one kid drowning in the pool is a black kid? Yeah. But every other black kid at the pool is doing cool fun shit and having way more fun than the white kids. If you’re gonna take the Red Cross’s word on what’s “Cool” and “Not Cool”, well then I don’t think you’re really that cool yourself, my guy.

P.S.   Even the one cool white kid is wearing a shirt at the pool like a shoobie. White guys can’t catch a fucking break these days, huh?


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