Knicks Are Claiming Center Is A Higher Priority In Free Agency Than Shooting Guard

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Look, the silver lining here is that if the Knicks front office has proven anything the last few months, it’s that they lie about everything. Phil said he’d only hire someone he has a relationship with… one month later, Jeff Hornacek. Phil said he wasn’t prioritizing a point guard this summer… a few weeks later, Derrick Rose. Why Phil is choosing to go about things like this – who knows? But I guess when you consider that Jeff Hornacek is our coach and Kurt Rambis is not… and that Derrick Rose’s Expiring Contract is our point guard and Jose Calderon is not… I guess you have to admit that it’s kind of working. Maybe this means that Phil is prioritizing wing depth and shooting and perimeter defense. That’s a good thing.

And you know what, even if Center is the priority, that’s not the worst thing in the world.

Signing Joakim Noah to a two year deal to play 25 minutes a game as the pseudo backup center is a good thing for this franchise. He’s not the player he was two years ago, but he still brings that edge that this team desparately needs. Throw him in there for the 16 minutes KP is on the bench, and let them play together for another 9 or 10 to recreate that who “twin towers” thing KP and Robin had at times last year. If you want to call KP the “center” of that lineup, Joakim is still versatile enough to throw onto 4’s at times in a way that Robin Lopez wasn’t. Anyone with a brain knows Kristaps is the Center going forward. Joakim Noah’s (admittedly diminished) versatility allows you to continue to build towards that in the short term. Two years in the range of 24 to 30 mil? I can live with that. This is ALL about developing KP, and Jo helps that significantly more than Robin Lopez did.

So go ahead, prioritize center or don’t. Go after 3 and D wings or go after Noah. Either one is fine.

Just please, for the love of god, do not even entertain the idea of Dwight fucking Howard. Because I… along with every other Knicks fan out there… will burn Madison Square Garden to the ground before I watch Dwight Howard put on a Knicks uniform and walk out on that floor.


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