Kevin Durant Won’t Meet With The Knicks. But Yeah, They Still Have A Shot

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The Vertical  —  Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is planning to host free-agency meetings at a singular location starting July 1, league sources told The Vertical.

Durant’s representatives at Roc Nation are working to solidify invitations with the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs and Thunder, league sources said.

The meetings are expected to take place in New York, but teams are still awaiting word on a location.

Gotta love the New York Knicks, man. Just so outrageously delusional that it borders on insanity. Kevin Durant is not coming to the Knicks. Kevin Durant was never coming to the Knicks. And to pretend that he was going to change his mind because Derrick Fucking Rose is here on a one year rental is as stupid as thinking Rose himself is anything more than a massive expiring contract.

But of course they want to go through this charade. “He’s not meeting with us, but we still feel good about our chances.” I mean… the meetings are literally in New York and he still won’t give them the time of day. But yeah guys, I’m sure he’s still really considering the Knicks for the chance to play 25 games with Derrick Rose this season.

Just stop. Stop with this shit. Go sign Joakim Noah if the price is reasonable. Find a few reasonable three and d wings. Sign a cheap backup PG for when Rose gets hurt. And we’ll all get through this season together before the summer of 2017.

No more Durant talk.


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