Why Do We Hold Parades For Basketball And Not For Police Officers? MAKES YOU THINK, HUH???

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Hey Mark, sorry you were always the last pick growing up, man. That’s tough. If I couldn’t dribble a basketball I’d probably be that insecure and lash out at people who enjoy watching sports because they don’t take life too seriously. Can’t blame you, man. Growing up with no friends AND no athletic ability must fucking suck. But hey, at least you’ve made something of your life. While all these losers are out here having a great time at a parade and getting drunk and enjoying life, you’re taking care of the important stuff… You know, like writing about secret societies and fighting people who don’t think the world is out to persecute white people and preaching to a following of 95% twitterbots and 5% white supremacists. Congrats on the success bro.

Oh and sorry about the micropenis. Another tough break…


P.S.   In fairness to Mark… he makes a pretty good point about parades. Boys playing a child’s game? Those are no heroes. You know who the real heroes are? Police officers. If police officers bounced a ball while also protecting and serving the community, WOULD THAT BE ENOUGH TO THROW THEM A PARADE? HUH??

It makes me sick knowing that the city of Cleveland is willing to splurge good hard taxpaying dollars to celebrate a bunch of men for playing a child’s game, yet nothing is ever done to honor the police. Disgraceful.




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