Song Of The Summer? The New “Ghostbusters” Song By Fall Out Boy & Missy Elliot, Duh

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Hey Ghostbusters… relax.

I mean, has anything ever tried to sell itself harder to EVERY SINGLE DEMOGRAPHIC than the Ghostbusters movie. It’s like they’re trying to market the movie to every single person in America. Hey guys, it’s a young all-female cast. BUT don’t worry, all the old male Ghostbusters signed off. Look, Kobe is pitching the movie. BUT we also have Melo. Look, Porzingis, it’s for the kids. BUT we also have Clyde Frazier, old school, right fellas. BUT it’s also for ladies. Girl power. BUT we’re also diverse. Leslie Jones, strong black woman. BUT don’t worry middle America, it’s still 75% white people. BUT BUT BUT…

They’re trying to please everyone at every turn. And nothing is more emblematic of that then putting fucking Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot together.

Like… yo… what?

“Hey let’s get this commercially successful rock-punk-jazz-pop band or white males together with this commercially successful rap-hip-hop-r&b-techno-dance hall-pop female solo star. Have we covered every single musical category and demographic yet?”

Just fucking stop. The movie is what it is. Stop trying to please everyone at every turn with this fucking movie. Stop trying to cover every demographic. Find a niche and stick with it.



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