J.R. Smith Is Golfing Today And Yes He’s Still Shirtless #SummerOfSwish

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Oh you thought it was a gimmick? You thought this was a joke? “Yeah that’s a great gag, but he’ll put a shirt on once the parade is over”

All Summer 16 means ALL Summer 16.

There ain’t a soul on this earth that can tell J.R. to put a shirt on until next season starts. Every day on the links… every business meeting… every pickup game… every night at the club… every engagement for J.R. Smith for forseeable future, I can absolutely 100% guarantee you there will be no shirt in sight. His teammates can’t tell him shit for the next four months…


You think the little golf pro at a Cleveland Country Club is going to?

No chance. It’s Tits Out For The Boys and it’s staying that way. The #SummerOfSwish is just getting started. Buckle up. Because anyth– excuse me, Hennything Is Possible.

See you motherfuckers in November

P.S.   There’s no funnier reaction than when old white people find out JR is a scratch golfer. That quick little “oh… he’s a big golfer, huh?” reaction is priceless. It’s like when people hear Curtis Granderson talk and say “he’s so well spoken” or compliment Kevin Durant for having “no tattoos”, only to find out they’re all hidden and say “well at least he’s respectful.”

Subtle racism is the best kind of racism.



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