Marshawn Lynch Just Dropped A HEAVY Metaphor About Life

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“You think there’s a deeper metaphor there?”

“Run through a motherfucker’s face”



The thing is… there’s no joke to be made. I’m not laughing here. If you watch that clip and think “Well, this is what CTE does to a person”, then you’ve completely missed the point.

This quote is life. This is about success. You run through somebody’s face… you do that on a consistent basis… you’re relentless in your effort… you’re going to be successful. You think there’s a metaphor in there? Sure, call it a metaphor if your want. But taken literally, it means exactly what it means. You think there’s a metaphor in there about imposing your will? Yeah… metaphorically speaking… it means to impose your motherfucking will.

Everyone wants to find the deeper meaning in words… to find out “what that really means”… to unearth the idea behind every quote…

Well what’s deeper than saying what you really mean? That’s deep. Because while you’re trying to unearth some hidden metaphor, Marshawn just ran through your motherfucking face.




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