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NY Post  —  Arron Afflalo and Derrick Williams will opt out of their contracts, which should leave the Knicks with about $30 million of cap space when free agency hits July 1, according to an NBA source. After getting benched late in the season for Sasha Vujacic, Afflalo was a shoo-in not to opt in to the second year of his contract, worth $8 million, after signing with the Knicks last summer. Afflalo called himself an “elite’’ shooting guard after the season and gave all indications he was gone.

Okay, let me first get this out of the way…

Derrick WIlliams hey man it’s been real man I had no expectations for you and you completely lived up to those lack of expectations thanks for the fun good luck on whatever twenty-five win team you sign with and probably play way too many minutes for this year it’s been fun but not really it’s just been pretty meh and expectedly underwhelming but hey thanks for not being any worse or better than we thought you could be k byeeeee

Now… ohhhhh boy… now to Arron.

Ey Ey Ron. My man pots and pans. The man the myth the Kendrick Lamar hook. The next Kobe Bryant, if only in your own head.


I’d love to say it’s been fun, but I don’t know if I’ve ever hated one single Knicks player as much as I hated you this season. Okay, fine, that’s a stretch. There are so many players I hated more than you that I can’t even list them all here.

But you know what, you did your best to make that list. Whether it you were hopelessly attempting to post someone up for the 19th straight time… or making a half-assed effort to be the defensive stopper you used to be and letting opposing backcourts kill us… or taking another terrible midrange jumper early in the clock to lead to another fast break for the opponent… or coming back in the game after a few minutes of decent ball movement from the bench unit only to stop the ball dead in it’s tracks and stall the offense… or being so bad at the end of the season that Sasha Vujacic got your minutes… or making Jerian Grant play at an uncomfortable pace and ruining any fluidity in his game… or thinking that Carmelo’s absence entitled you to take all of Carmelo’s shots, especially to end the game… or outright refusing to pass the ball to Porzingis in the fourth quarter… you really did everything you could to make us hate you.

And just when I thought I couldn’t possibly hate you any more, you go and do something like this…


Go get that motherfucking money Arron. Do you, big man. Go test those free agency waters and see if anyone is willing to pay anything remotely close to the EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS you just walked away from. Best of luck. I don’t know who in their right mind would pay for an over-the-hill, ball-stopping shooting guard who can’t defend on the perimeter… but I’m sure as fuck happy that it won’t be my team any more. I’m sure there’s a nice little roster spot in Sacramento fighting with Boogie every day or on the end of the Clippers bench because Doc still thinks it’s 2010. Hey, maybe you can replace Kobe for the Lakers since you’ve modeled your entire game off of Kobe’s washed ass 2015-16 season. Whatever you do end up doing – best of luck. Can’t really thank you for the memories. But hey, thanks for the cap room*.


*That we are inevitably going to fill with someone worse because we’re still the New York Knicks… goddammit.


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