Gilbert Arenas Welcomes Swaggy P Back To Single Life With Absolutely No Chill

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Soooooo, I guess that’s why the call him @no.chill.gil, huh? Jesus H, what an absolute savage.

Hey Gilbert, if someone was, and this is just a hypothetical here… But if someone was, to say, tie a balloon around their tongue before they eat. Would that–and again, totally a hypothetical here–but would that maybe, cause one to eat… less quickly. If someone wanted to, say, extend the foot eating process, and not… eat everything too quickly. Do you think that wrapping a balloon around their tongue might help? Asking for a friend who needs to lose weight and also last longer… at the dinner table. Thanks.

P.S.   Congrats on the sex Nick. Go on and #RawDoggy a few PLAYA

P.P.S.   Hey D’Angelo… you can act self-aware and make fun of yourself and try as hard as possible to get some good will…

But #PeopleDontForget


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