And The Star Of ESPN’s Next Body Issue Is… Vince Wilfork

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Alright so let’s check out this list here… don’t know you… Arrieta… AB… don’t know you… don’t know you… Elena MY GIRL what’s up… don’t know you… don’t know you… Greg, wait Greg Luganis? Okay… McGregor, not a shock… Von Miller, okay… don’t know you… don’t know you… don’t know you… don’t know you… don’t know you… don’t know you… D-Wade… aaaand… Vince Wi– WAIT WHAT? VINCE WILFORK?

That Vince Wilfork?



This Vince Wilfork?


This Vince Wilfork


The actual Vince WIlfork?

You know what… I love it.

It’s such a blatant, obvious attention grab that I actually respect it. They did this to get people talking about a fat guy in the body issue, and that’s it. There’s no ruse here. This isn’t SI Swimsuit putting a plus-sized model on the cover for a few pats on the back from the internet. Nobody from ESPN is going to write some deep think piece about how they hope to promote body positivity.

They’re putting Vince Wilfork on here because he’s fat. He’s fat and the internet is going to eat these pictures up, pun so intended, and meme the living hell out of it and we’ll all laugh and ESPN will sell some magazines. And that’s basically it. It’s a perfect match. He’s a fat guy who also happens to be one of the funniest, most likable athletes in the history of sports. And he has not problem embracing that fatness for the sake of comedy.

Love it. God bless the big man.


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