The Knicks Are Reportedly Interested In Derrick Rose… AAAAND WE’RE OFF

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ESPN (Ian Begley)  —  The New York Knicks are looking to upgrade their backcourt, and one player on their radar is Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose. The Knicks have had internal discussions recently about trading for Rose, league sources tell ESPN.

The Bulls’ interest in trading Rose, 27, is unknown at this point. The Knicks do not have many strong trade chips outside of Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and future first-round draft picks. Both Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek and GM Steve Mills have said that the Knicks are interested in upgrading their point-guard position in the offseason. The Knicks’ incumbent starting point guard is Jose Calderon, while other potential point guards include second-year guard Jerian Grant and free-agent signee Tony Wroten.

Rose will be a free agent after the 2016-17 season. He averaged 16.4 points on 42.7 percent shooting and 4.7 assists in 66 games last season. The six-year veteran has appeared in just 50 percent of the Bulls’ regular season games over the past four years due to various injuries, including two major knee surgeries.

Goddammit… God fucking dammit. Can we at least get through Game 7 on Sunday before I have to worry about this Knicks offseason. Can I just enjoy the biggest game in NBA History (yes, NBA history – the legacy of the most polarizing athlete of all time Lebron on the line… the “greatest team ever” discuss with the Warriors… the effect either outcome will have on Steph as the most marketable, beloved athlete in the world… the dynamics of the whole Curry family as #FamilyGoals and Ayesha as a figure if she has another meltdown… the career trajectory of Kyrie… a possible redemption for Kevin Love… the mindset of the entire league with the whole “small ball & threes vs. size & offensive rebounding” debate… the potential of a “who’s team is this” situation between Steph & Klay & Draymond (do NOT sleep on that)… the potential of giving a losing team’s player the MVP (he’s the MVP no matter what. No. Matter. What. It’s not even close)… the dynamics of this offseason and how multiple stars pick their team going forward… the possibility of JR SMITH AS AN NBA CHAMPION… there’s so much shit on the line right now, and I’ll write about it more Sunday morning. But this is the biggest game in NBA history) without worrying about my stupid fucking basketball team and the mind-numbing decisions they make?

Can we just wait three fucking days? I mean for the love of god, why is this news popping up on my timeline on a Friday. Why do I have to think about this right now? Right now basketball is awesome. It’s so much fun. Last night was exciting and hilarious and just an absolute joy to follow. Sunday is going to be even better. It’s Friday night and the weather is perfect and I just want to sit on my porch and listen to music and chill with the boys. Why do I have to get dragged back down into the gutter by this absolute dumpster fire of a franchise and these motherfucking rumors?

No. I refuse. I refuse to entertain this scenario until next week. I’m not doing this. Look… I don’t even totally hate the idea of taking on Derrick Rose with one year left on his contract. It’s not the worst idea in the world. I mean, I did just write last night that STEPHON MARBURY wasn’t a bad alternative. I wrote those words, on the internet, mostly seriously, and they will live forever. That’s where the Knicks are at with the whole Point Guard situation. It’s a disaster. And the idea of taking a chance on Rose for one year, with the worst case scenario being that he gets hurt and is still gone in April, isn’t a bad alternative to what we’re dealing with. Why not roll the dice if you don’t have to give up draft picks, right?

But no, I won’t discuss it any more. I don’t care. I don’t care if this potential trade is to get rid of Carmelo. I don’t care if it’s giving up a million draft picks. I don’t care if we’re getting him for nothing more than expiring contracts. I don’t care if this is the best trade in the history of mankind. I’m not talking about the Knicks offseason until the clock hits zero on Sunday Night. Fuck off, Phil Jackson. I’m going to the beach. See you guys on Sunday.

P.S.   Cavs in 7


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