Irish Fans Serenade A Nun With An “Our Father” Chant

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Laugh out loud funny video. Anyone who grew up going to Catholic school can relate to this shit. The prayers we had to do, the songs we had to sing in church. It’s all patently ridiculous. I could go on for hours about how stupid the idea of prayers and songs and all that stuff is. But once you reach a certain age, there’s just something absolutely hilarious about singing these things out loud. City of God? In high school, when the whole school had to go to church, we would SCREAM that song out loud. Top of our lungs, spitting the worlds out, LET US BUILD THE CTY OF GOD.

Some of the funniest moments ever. All of those church songs man. They’re all hilarious. Take and Eat? O Come All Ye Faithful? How Great Thou Art? Ave Maria?

BANGERS. You ever walk around belting out “CHRIST HAS DIED, CHRIST HAS RISEN, CHRIST WILL COME AGAAAAAAIN”? No? Well try it. It’s great.

Singing Church songs has become the most ridiculous shit ever, so why not have fun with it, right? Good for these lads… OUR FAAAAATHER LORD IN HEEEEAVEN

By the way… Europe? Europe is absolutely fucked. I’m pretty sure Europe is just gonna swallow itself whole any day now. Between ISIS and Putin and the Euro losing all it’s value and the fact that every country fucking hates each other, that whole continent is absolutely going down any day now. If America is a melting pot, then Europe is pot filled with battery acid and lighter fluid that’s been on the stove about five hours too long. To be honest I don’t think that reference makes any sense whatsoever, but fuck it, you get what I mean.

The point is… Europe is a disaster. From England to Turkey, Russia to France, Belgium to Greece… everyone is fucked

Everyone, that is, except the Emrald Isle.

Ireland? Ireland is just on that stay low and build grind right now. Lowkey turning their rep around. Legalized gay marriage, building their business rep, and now this…

While these lunatic English hooligans and unhinged Russian maniacs and every other country’s fanbase is fighting in the streets and trying to burn Paris to the ground at the Euros, the Irish are chilling. Singing songs, dancing with locals, fixing little old ladies flat tires… slowly rebranding themselves from the dumb drunk hilarious fighters off the coast of England to the chill, happy, progressive and also still still drunk and hilarious people in the one sane corner of Europe.



Shoutout to Ireland yo. While Europe is burning and the Euro loses like 20% of it’s value every day and every other country hates each other, Ireland is just quietly chilling up in the northwest corner quietly reshaping the image everyone has of the IRih.





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