Stephon Marbury Says He “Wouldn’t Return To The Knicks At Gun Point”

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This is tough. Like, I want to make some joke about how I wouldn’t take Stephon Marbury back as the Point Guard of the Knicks at gunpoint. I want to make fun of how bad he was for the Knicks. I want to hate him because he, more than anyone outside of maybe Dolan and Isiah, is the face of the Knicks failure the last twenty years.

But yo… we started Jose Calderon for the entire season. We’ve gone through about twenty different old, fat, or garbage–sometimes all of the above–point guards the last five years. We let SASHA FUCKING VUJACIC take the ball up and run the offense at times last year.

I’d love to laugh at the absurdity of a 39-year-old Starbury, who’s been in fucking China for what seems like a decade now, having the gall to turn down the Knicks Point Guard position… but I can’t. Dead ass, he’s somehow not the worst alternative in the world. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but it’s true. That’s just where we’re at. Goddammit I hate this franchise.

P.S.   In more positive Knicks news… if I could mainline tweets like heroine it would be these clips of Kristaps at his camp in Latvia. I’m not even kidding, my heart fluttered when I watched that stepback


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