Congrats To Taylor Swift For Winning The Taylor Swift Award

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Big news here from What’s The Action dot com.

I’m excited to say that I’ll be announcing the winner of the What’s The Action Award For Courage And Bravery… also known as The Ham Award… tomorrow afternoon. As you all probably know, the What’s The Action Award goes to the What’s The Action writer who best exemplifies courage and bravery on the internet in the form of Strong #Takes. Named of course for the creator of What’s The Action dot com, Ham, the award honors the great service and dedication put forth by Ham in building this thriving internet #takes forum. Tune back in to tomorrow at noon for the announcement of this year’s winner.

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What’s The Action dot com

P.S.   What’s with the whole white hair thing Taylor Swift is rocking? What exactly is the look she’s going for there? Is it supposed to be a Daenerys thing? A little Game Of Thrones-themed look because it’s good for PR or something? Because this look is not working for ole T-Swizzle. Not working at all. She looks like Tilda Swinton after a low-flow shower.


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