The Ravens Are Trying To Dump Eugene Monroe Because Of His Support For Medical Marijuana

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Yahoo  —  The Baltimore Ravens are trying to pass off their attempts to trade offensive tackle Eugene Monroe as a simple football move. Maybe it is. But it’s really, really, really hard to believe this has little to do with Monroe’s strong stance that the NFL should adopt marijuana as a pain-killing option.

The organization has gotten its message out through various stories. The Ravens want everyone to know the decision to trade Monroe is all about his injury history and the team drafting offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley in the first round. But they’ve known about Monroe’s injury issues for a long time and they drafted tackle Ronnie Stanley almost two months ago. Yet, in mid-June the Ravens are suddenly in a rush to dump Monroe. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said Wednesday if the Ravens can’t trade Monroe they will cut him, as soon as Wednesday but no later than Thursday.

In late May, Monroe wrote a long piece for The Player’s Tribune advocating marijuana instead of the powerful painkillers NFL teams offer their players. He has discussed the issue often on Twitter the past few weeks. The Ravens never supported him, and according to ESPN Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, “I promise you, he does not speak for the organization.” On June 10, Monroe tweeted this:

On June 14, reports surfaced that the Ravens were trying to trade him. And if they can’t trade him by Thursday, they’re reportedly just going to cut him. Huh. 

Hey man, weed is a gateway drug. Everyone knows that tokin’ a little reefer can, and in most circumstance WILL, lead to further drug and alcohol abuse? And what does drug and alcohol abuse lead to? Violence. One second you’re smoking a little J after practice… the next you’re punching your wife in an elevator. One second you’re taking a couple bong rips… next you’re committing aggravated assault with a metal rod and a baseball bat and punching your wife and threatening to pour bleach on her face. One second you eat a weed edible… next you’ve committed a murder and deposed of your white suit and testified against two of your friends to put them in jail for your murder and became a disingenuous fake preacher/motivational speaker who just lost your job at ESPN because you’re such an insufferable self absorbed dick that you don’t even provide enough entertainment value to stay on air over the D-list former NFL backups on ESPN’s NFL bench. And everyone knows the Ravens and the strong stance they’ve taken against violent crimes.

I’m just glad that Steve Bisciotti and the rest of the Ravens organization are heroic enough to do what’s right and fight against medical marijuana. Sure it would be nice to provide NFL players with a safer, more natural form of relief for their injuries rather than resign them to a life of painkillers and pill addiction. That sounds reasonable and all. But what happens when the drug use leads to violence, huh? The Ravens have a reputation as the most upstanding franchise in football that they have to uphold. Sometimes that means taking a stand against what might seem logical and reasonable to some. Congrats on your bravery, Baltimore.

P.S.   So help me god Jerry Reese… So help me god if you don’t make every effort to pick up Eugene Monroe… So help me god…


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