Bobby Brown Grew Up Eating #ChickenWithCocaine

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Baller Alert  —  Bobby Brown also recounts the time when he was 10 years old and mistook the bag of cocaine his mom was selling for flour. He ended up using the cocaine to fry chicken and ate it.



Remember last week, when Bobby Brown said he had sex with a ghost?

Remember that? No seriously, do you remember. I’m not trying to prove a point here. I just wanted to remind everyone that Bobby Brown said he got mounted by a ghost. A pretty hot ghost apparently… with a strong enough ride game that Bobby decided not to fight off this extraterrestrial, ectoplasmic ghost and just let her work his mic, if you know what I mean. (I mean his dick).

I just wanted to remind everyone that that happened. That Bobby Brown looked right in Robin Roberts eyes and said he had sex with a ghost in a haunted mansion in Georgia. And he answered it as casually as if she asked him about a song he made in in the early 80’s.

“My Perogative? Yes, I did make that song. Fun collaboration. Really good time in the studio. Lot of fun cats in there… Sex with a ghost? Yes, that happened around the time between my 7th rehab stint and… and well I guess between my 7th and my 8th rehab stints. Not as fun a collaboration. 

I guess when you grow up deep frying chicken battered in cocaine, sex with a ghost seems relatively normal after that.


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