Steph Curry’s New Shoes Are Basically The Same Washed Dad Shoe Pete Carroll Wears Every Day

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Look, last Friday we all had a lot of fun making jokes about Steph’s new shoes on Twitter dot com. I had some fun of my own here on What’s The Action dot com making jokes too. Just some good old harmless internet fun. Nothing wrong with that.

But at the end of the day, these shoes aren’t that bad. Are they a little too dad-from-the-suburbs-esque for a basketball shoe? Maybe. But hey, Republicans buy sneakers too, right? Probably not gonna best the best selling shoe with kids and sneakerheads, but that’s okay. Not every shoe can be a Retro 3 or a Foamposite. We can’t all walk around in 6’s or Yeezy’s. The Curry 2 Low’s provide a litttle different feel for the young, white male who wants to look clean, who wants to look fresh, but who doesn’t necessarily want to go out and buy the same shoes their father wears to th– oh no wait nevermind this is exactly what my dad would wear…


Carry on with the jokes…


P.S.   I was sarcastic about it on Friday and I’m still joking about them here so I can seem like a hip twenty-something who’s up with the style trends. I mean, I am still a blogger/model who is absolutely stylish enough to work for the Droga5 Ad Agency (still waiting on a callback).

Poser Hipster on the left, Stylish Ham on the right


But I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t think I’d look good in these.

They’re right up my alley. I mean, just exactly the kind of shoe I would wear. A total Ham shoe, through and through. Don’t believe me? Look at this shit I’m wearing right now…

The second these Nike’s get roughed up enough to turn into dirty bartending shoes, I’m copping the Curry 2 Low’s and never looking back. I know my fashion lane, and I’m sticking to it. I’ve been a pretty loyal Nike guy for a long time, but these new Curry’s might’ve swung me.

Holy shit I am so fucking white.


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