Smash Mouth Dropped In From The Clouds To Eviscerated Lebron For Whining

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I’ve gone back and forth about this whole Lebron-Draymond thing the last few days. To me, it really just comes down to this… Draymond is an asshole. Just an absolute asshole. One person gets hit in the dick? Okay, that happens. Two people get hit in the dick? Eh, maybe a coincidence. One million people get hit in the dick by Draymond Green? That dude is an absolute asshole who is trying to hit people’s dicks. Any chance he gets, he’s going to try to hit your dick. He’ll flail his legs on drives. He’ll swing his arms around on loose balls. He’ll straight up punch you between the legs. That’s not playing hard, that’s not doing it for the team. That’s just an asshole with no respect for other dudes and their dicks.

So yeah, fuck Draymond. If anything, a one game suspension is light for when he’s done these playoffs. The NBA gave him a break on the Steven Adams thing… they weren’t gonna do that twice. You don’t want to be suspended? Don’t do the one thing that everything expects you to do. The one thing Lebron knew you were going to do when he stepped over you. He goaded you into the suspension and you took the bait. That’s your fault. I don’t care that you felt “disrespected” by Lebron stepping over you, you don’t hit a dudes dick. Just suck it up, get your game on and go play.


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