Hideki Matsui Absolute CRUSHED A Home Run At Old-Timers’ Day

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Hideki Matsui man… god damn do I miss that guy. Of all the dudes from those mid-to-late 2000’s Yankees teams not names Jeter or Rivera, I gotta put Matsui at the top of my list. I fucking loved Hideki. Clutch, consistent, low-key, and always good for a million random laughs throughout the season. The man had a smile that could light up a blunt. Something about him succeeding just made you happy to be a fan. There was a certain joy in watching the dude play that you didn’t really get from anyone else on that team. I was at game 6 of the 09 World Series, and there was nobody I wanted to have the game that he had more than Hideki Matsui. Nobody deserved that more. 3 for 4. SIX of the 7 runs driven in. Series MVP. Couldn’t have been happier for the guy.



And nobody deserved to have this kind of moment at Old-Timers’ Day more than him.

And yes… I think it goes without saying… but I would sign him to hit in the five hole in this garbage ass lineup without a moments hesitation.


Long Live Godzilla.



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