The New Steph Curry White Suburban Dad II’s Dropped And They’re FIRE

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You wanna know what a bad sign might be for your basketball shoe… when I look at them and think “oh shit I’d look good in those”. When you’re getting fat, white, blend-into-the-crowd bloggers to look at your shoes and think “damn, that’s a sensible-ass shoe for me to rock”, you’ve probably done something wrong. There’s a reason that I don’t own a pair of J’s. Would I like too? Of course. I’d buy the fuck out of a pair of Space Jam V’s and those new Midnight Navy IV’s right fucking now if I thought I’d look good in them. But I don’t. I just don’t. I’ve accepted that I can never be a sneakerhead or cop multiple pairs of Jordan’s because I look absolutely ridiculous in anything other than a pair of sensible Nike running shoes. I know what I can and cannot rock, and I’m okay with that.

And these Curry’s? The White Suburban Dad Who Needs A Casual But Somewhat Stylish Shoe To Wear To His Son’s Lacrosse Game II’s?

I’d look fantastic in these.

Sensible as fuck.

I can wear them while I’m blogging. I can wear them working out. I can wear them to the bar. I can wear them going to lunch. And yeah that’s pretty much all I do with my life. I can wear them anywhere. And as soon as my current basic white dad shoes get worn down enough and the Curry White Suburban Dad Who Needs A Casual But Somewhat Stylish Shoe To Wear To His Son’s Lacrosse Game II’s go on sale for a nice sensible discount, I’ll probably cop them.

Looks like daddy’s got a new pair of shoes

P.S.   Little good news bad news for Steph and Under Armour. The bad news? Everyone on twitter is clowning your shoes right now. The good news? At least you’re not James Harden.

Good lord, what in the absolute fuck are those.


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