Outrageous Video Of A Dude Pulling About 50lbs Of Stolen Meat Out Of His Pants

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When he pulled that second rack of ribs out I fucking lost it. 

My question is… once you watch a dude pull a sixth different package of meat from his pants… hasn’t he earned the right to walk away with something? Look, I get that you have to feed your family too or whatever that store manager  said. And I get that you’ve watched him do this three times this week. But you can’t tell me you’re not impressed with how much he fit in there while still looking somewhat natural. Either this guy has chicken legs, or those are the most deceptive pair of pants since the pleats on Ron Burgundy’s pants caused an optical illusion. I mean at the very least he should keep a rack of ribs right? That’s only fair. Can’t show up to the cookout empty handed, AM I RIGHT? Up top for a little casual racism! Alrighty…


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