Do You Think Roger Goodell Is Mad That He Isn’t Actually Dead?

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Roger has to be a little disappointed that he’s not dead right? I mean, talk about a missed headline opportunity, huh?

Roger dies, you’re talking offseason headlines out the wazoo. Lead story on SportsCenter, top headline on every blog, number one sports radio topic for weeks. You own the sports world with this story from now through the end of June, completely overshadowing the NBA Finals and Draft in the Process.

“What does this mean for Deflategate?” “How do we view Roger’s legacy?” “Who will replace him?” And that doesn’t even get into the potentially controversial tweets from players who… maybe didn’t particularly like Roger. Or the influence of the media on who the next commissioner is. Or the intrigue of learning which owners hold the most sway in determining Roger’s successor. Or–as preposterous as this idea might sound–the influence of Trump on this whole situation. I mean, there’s no way of telling what might happen. It would be chaos… pure and utter chaos. And it would achieve what the NFL owners want more than anything else… attention. Because attention = dollars.

Roger Goodell dead = huge ratings boost. That’s just the facts, and Roger knows that as well as anyone. He doesn’t make nearly $50 million a year just to fall on the sword for the owners in a crisis. He knows how to make money. And while I don’t think he necessarily wants to die, I think there’s a part of him that saw the response to news of his death and understood the monetary value of dying. All I’m saying is that the wheels are turning in Roger’s head. No, he’s not going to be shooting himself in the heart to save his brain for concussion rese– I mean in the head any time soon… but a good business decision is a good business decision, right?

And hey, this is the NFL. You understand the risk you take when you sign up, even if they aren’t necessarily forthright about those risks from the start. Roger didn’t think the sport would kill him, but that’s football. Roger does what he does to protect The Shield, and this is for the good of The Shield, right? I mean, it’s not like he’s ever had a problem with anyone else dying for The Shield, right? Maybe it’s time he made some sacrifices of his own. I’m not saying Roger is going to die for The Shield… all I’m saying is that there’s a chance.


P.S.   And the first sanctimonious sportswriter to get self-righteous about an internet prank issssss……..


Manish, come on down! For your prize today, you get an extra two inches on your column for that trash newspaper as it rapidly approaches it’s impending shut-down! Congrats, I hope you feel good about yourself. Just kidding, we know you already do!


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