Nothing Says “Stop Gun Violence” Like A New Pair Of Yeezy’s, Right Kim?

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You know what… good for Kim K. She cares about an issue, and she’s gonna promote that in her own, unique way. You might not necessarily love it. You might think it’s an outrageously narcissistic tweet.

But let me ask you a question… what gets more eyeballs on gun control? A normal boring tweet about gun violence statistics, or “Look how thicc af i am in these yeezy boost heels and big ass titty shirt and oh yeah guys no more guns please #ShootLoadsNotBullets”

What raises more awareness, huh? So before you go and criticize the fame whore for fame whoring, remember that her fame whoring has results. A couple million more people know that Kim K wants to stop the gun violence. And if that won’t stop gun violence, then I don’t know what will.

P.S.   Kim dropping this tweet on the same day Kanye released a track with Gucci, who just finished a bid for gun charges… can’t make up that kind of irony.

Track is flames tho…


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