Odell Beckham’s Dog Just Died And Now Today Sucks

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Fuck today man. Fuck everything. Whether you like Odell or not, today is a shitty day. Any day that you hear about the passing of a dog is a shitty day. I didn’t even know Odell had a dog and I feel sick to my stomach. And he was barely two years old man, what the fuck. Nobody deserves to lose a dog that young. Kim Jong Un could lose his dog and I’d feel bad. Dogs are just dogs. They don’t know any better. They’re happy and they trust you and they just want to be friends and chill for the rest of time. And to have that taken from them? Fuck, man. Fuck everything.

And any day the world loses a dog is dark day. Gorillas at the zoo? Fuck em. Dinosaur-sized alligators? Fuck em. People? Fuck people, man.

But a dog? That’s always sad. Always.

#RIP Tzar


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