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A noose made of rope with shadow in background


So… James Dolan just trolling us at this point, right? This is just James Dolan up to his old tricks – doing everything he can to secure his spot as the worst owner of anything ever. Classic stuff, Jimmy, you little lacerated herpes wart. Classic.

Yet… as outrageously insulted as I feel to see this picture, and as furious as it makes me to be reminded of just how much James Dolan actually hates Knicks fans… I’m fine with knowing this was a troll move by the actual real life troll himself. I’d rather feel that pain than deal with the depression of thinking this was an accident by the company. Give me torture over hopelessness any day of the week. I can deal with it. Because at the end of the day, I’m not really insulted by anything. It’s a kick in the dick… but at least it’s a kick in the dick that I’m expecting. I know James Dolan is a horrible, awful person. I know that he’s human garbage, 5 foot nothing pile of contempt and misery, void of even the slightest bit of talent in those stubbly little pigs-in-a-blanket fingers or the tiniest fraction of brainpower inside that ewok-looking head. I know this already. And I’ve already made my bed with all the moves he’ll make to spite the fans.

What I can’t deal with is the depression. The depression of learning that the franchise is so incompetent that they’re sending out NBA Draft Hats in a year where, for about the millionth time since Van Gundy left, WE DON’T HAVE OUR FUCKING DRAFT PICK. I refuse… I outright refuse to believe that nobody in that entire company picked up on that. Because I’m still, for some godforsaken reason, willing to believe that not all hope is lost for this franchise.

This franchise that I fucking hate.

Oh and while we’re here, Welcome Aboard Horn Dog! It only took about four week to sign the paperwork – really encouraging start! You’ll notice the shit has just hit an iceberg and is taking on water. The bow and the stern are splitting in half and OH- there go the generators. Good luck!


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