Elon Musk Thinks We’re Probably Characters In An Advanced Civilization’s Video Game… Wait, What?

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Yo… wait… what?

What the fuck did you just say, Elon? Because for a second I thought I just heard you say that we’re living in the fucking Sims while some fucking shithead alien teenager slurps down mountain fucking dew in his moms fucking basement while controlling my every fucking move.

What in the absolute fuck is going on right now?

Do I have free will? Am I even the one typing what I’m typing right now? Can I even control what I’m thinking? Is this line of semi-comedic, semi-frightened stream-of-consciousness writing even happening? Or am I just some create-a-player with a 92 brain and a 73 dick and a 98 athleticism who’s just going through the pre-wired simulations assigned to me? Was it my own free-will choice to get Poison Ivy all over me on Memorial Day Weekend, or did the fucking advanced civilization programmer simulating my life do that just to fuck with me? Am I even talking to anyone right now? Am I even really alive?


And what is alive, anyway? I mean, say we are just a simulation in the video game that some alien teenager is playing. Okay, who’s to say he’s not part of a simulation of his own? And that that simulation isn’t part of a bigger simulation. And so on and so on and so on. And what if time really is a flat circle? And we’re all just individuation simulations circle jerking each other, dying and restarting an infinity amount of times and an infinity amount of ways in an unending circle of unendingness? Are we even alive then, or can you never be alive if you can never be dead? Can you even look forward to something if you know that, at some point in your unending simulation, it’s bound to happen? Does that mean the Knicks will win a title in one of my lifetimes? Or does that mean I’ve already experienced it and will never truly know? Does that mean I will sleep with Margot Robbie? Or was I a woman in an alternate simulation when it happened? Does that mean I will, at some point, make a livable wage from blogging? Or okay well that probably won’t ever happen.

I don’t know man. This shit has me spinning in my fucking seat right now. There are a million different ways I could go if I wanted to keep writing this blog. a million different questions, and then questions about the questions, and then questions about the questioning of the questions in question. But my brain is fucking fried. And if I think about this any more I might break the hard drive of whatever video game console I think that I might exist but not really exist in… or something. I don’t know man, fuck it.

*Sleep mode*

P.S.   I saw this article at like 11am and haven’t been able to write it until now because 1. I’m scared, and 2. I fell down a rabbit hole of Elon Musk videos. I have a lot of thoughts on him that I’ll save for a blog that isn’t already long enough. But what I’ll just say now is that one thing I’m 10000000% with him on is robots.

FUCK Robots.

Kill every fucking robot in the world. Kill them now, kill the people making them, kill the companies. Kill everything to do with robots and artificial intelligence. If you think Robots won’t kill and/or enslave us all, you’re fucking nuts. But then again, I’m just a video game simulation – so what the fuck do I know.


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