I HATE This Guy Who Paid His Traffic Ticket In Pennies

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You know what? Fuck this guy.

And it’s not even because of the whole “inconveniencing the wrong people” thing.

I mean sure, that’s definitely part of it. It took those workers THREE HOURS to pick up and count those pennies. Only an incredible asshole would dump that shit on the desk of the people who didn’t actually give you the ticket.

But at the same time, those parking ticket workers knew what they were getting into. You know when you take that job that your entire work day is spent dealing with people paying traffic tickets – aka people who are fucking furious because they’re paying traffic tickets. You know that your livelihood is made off of the misery of others, so I can’t really garner much sympathy for you when you have to clean up a bunch of pennies during the time where you’d otherwise be collecting money from people in least time-efficient way possible. It’s the same reason I’ll never feel bad when a towing garage employee gets cursed out. If you don’t want to deal with that, go do one of a million different jobs that don’t involve being the fake smiling face of a piece of shit operation.

But this fucking guy. This guy who 1) got on the phone with a bank, which probably took three hours in itself. 2) Collected 21,200 pennies. 3) Bought spray paint to spray paint some buckets 4) Cut out letters with an exacto knife like a serial killer. 5) Spray painted some more. And 6) went all the way to the office instead of mailing in a check.

Fuck him. Fuck him and his whole “civilian hero” “fight the authority” schtick. This asshole is no different than the fucking LUNATICS who walk into target to “protest” transgender bathroom rights.

(lowkey hilarious when this lady ^ says “I’m a mother of 12”. Honestly I would’ve guessed 14)

You’re doing it to yell and scream and feel good about yourself. Nobody in there listening to your rant or collecting your pennies had anything to do with what you’re ranting about. And sure, maybe this ticket is a more justified thing to be mad about than “where a women born with a penis feels comfortable taking a quick piss while shopping for discount linens”, but the point still stands that you accomplished nothing other than a few minutes of self-gratifying kicking and screaming with nothing but a youtube video to show for it. If you want to do that, just be a blogger like me. At least the irrational self-satisfaction you get from screaming your takes at people doesn’t ruin the day of innocent bystanders. It just gets some people mad online. (RIP Harambe)

Because really… what in the absolute fuck is the point of this? What point are you trying to prove other than that you’re an absolute DICKHEAD who is willing to go this far out of your way just to be a dickhead.


You spent six hours doing all this shit.

The workers spent three hours cleaning it up.

And in the hour you could’ve made this cop come down to court, he’s probably out there writing two more quota-filling tickets because the last guy he wrote one to spent six hours filming this “prank” and other four hours cutting up the “epic” video instead of the one hour it would’ve taken to contest this down to a $50 ticket.

But hey, sick prank vid bruh. Milly views, no doubt. You really showed old part-time Janice not to write you any more traffic tic– oh wait, nevermind.



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