Riley Curry Used To Be Funny, But This Threatening Gesture Is Very Problematic


Is Riley a child? Yes. But what does this say about Steph and Ayesha and their parenting style that they can let these threatening gestures slide?

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Chris Herring, you’re great man. The best. Number one beat writer in New York and probably the entire NBA. You write tweets that could make a wolverine purr, and columns so fine they make Isola look like a hobo.

But you’re wrong here.

Threatening 👏 Actions 👏 Of 👏 Intimidation 👏 Are 👏 Not 👏 A 👏 Joking 👏 Matter 👏

Is Riley a child? Yes. But what does this say about her parents and their style of parenting? What kind of child are they raising, who thinks threatening gestures are a joking matter? And what type of person is Riley, who cannot understand how problematic said gestures are in today’s climate?

And while we’re on the topic – who’s to say this was even a joke? Maybe we should question how someone–who ohbytheway hails from the supposed “royal family” of basketball–was able to create the first ever unanimous decision in NBA history. It wouldn’t be the first time a family in power strong-armed the media, would it? Maybe Riley is just taking after her father, who threatened 131 different media members into voting in his favor. Maybe the Curry family DOES have their eye on the media, and are using Riley as a means of publicly delivering that message. Maybe what appears to be an innocent joke by a three year old is actually a threat. Who’s to say it isn’t? Anath Pandian has already deleted the quote from his original post – maybe the Currys pressured him to delete it.

Am I reading to much into it? Maybe. But I doubt it. Letting these moments slide is a slippery slope into anarchy. One day a child is on the podium where she doesn’t belong. Next thing you know it, she’s making threatening gestures. Before long, she could be pinning the Warriors beat reporter against the locker room demanding he take down his “system quarterback” piece about Stephen Griffin the 3rd.


Ignore the signs all you want. Keep calling Riley Curry “adorable” and “hilarious” and falling into the trap. But don’t say I didn’t warn you when she’s kicked out of kindergarten for bullying.

P.S.   Go read my real Steph take.

P.P.S.   How about dude deleting this from the article? Really, man? If you’re gonna throw something as ridiculous as “While it is a bit scary that a child is making a somewhat threatening gesture” into your post, at least have some conviction and keep it in there.

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