Steph Breaks Out Of The Keyser Soze Limp, Scores 17 In Overtime, Murders The City Of Portland


I didn’t think Steph should’ve played last night. And for a little while it looked like I was right. All until he broke out of the Keyser Soze limp and proceeded to murder me and the entire city of Portland. 

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I’ll fully admit, I wasn’t bullish on Steph’s return last night. Something about it seemed forced – rushing him back on the heels of a game three loss just didn’t feel right. How healed could Steph really be? That’s at least a two week injury – usually more. And Steph was supposed to jump right back into playoff basketball, chasing Dame and CJ around the court, exactly two weeks after a fall that could end most people’s seasons? I’m always in favor of playing it safe with injuries, so maybe I’m the wrong one to ask. But if there was any person you play it safe with, it’s Steph Curry. You can win this series without Steph Curry. You can’t win the West, let alone the Finals, without him.



WELP. It turns out I was pretty goddamn wrong about that. Because as right as I might have been for a good amount of that game, he shut me the fuck up by the end. Steph broke out of the Keyser Soze limp and proceeded to murder the city of Portland.


Butchered them. Just an absolute bloodbath. Helpless groans and surrender cobras everywhere. Dame lost his composure and started hucking up bricks. The rest of the non-Al-Farouq-Aminu Blazers dissapeared into their shorts. Paul Allen looked like he took an arrow to the heart.


And within four minutes of actual game time, it was all over. The game, the series, all of it.


P.S.   To be completely honest though, for all the missed threes and the rustiness, there wasn’t a minute that Steph didn’t look fluid out there. It’s fun to make the Keyser Soze jokes, but he looked fine from the start. He was coming off screens, he was crossing guys up, he was taking it to the hoop. All he needed to return to formal was for a couple of threes to fall. And after about 45 minutes of game time, we saw that come back to him too. The only thing that was Keyser Soze-esque was his three point shooting. Other than that, there was no reason he shouldn’t have played last night. I was very wrong. I’m totally fine with that. Because now I have a fully healthy Steph Curry back in my basketball-watching life. And that is oh so very lit.


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