Frank Isola and McLovin Got In A Twitter Fight Over Phil Jackson & Pitch Perfect


Frank Isola vs. McLovin? Pitch Perfect videos? Fuck it, why not?

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I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but… I gotta side with Isola here. Dude is a fucking dickhead. His Around The Horn takes are constantly trash, his scoops are constantly wrong, and he’s constantly out-shined on his own Knicks beat by the wildly more talented Chris Herring. I hate Frank Isola the same way he hates Berman of the Post. I hate Frank Isola as much as… well, as much as everyone else in New York hates Frank Isola.

BUT… I have to give him the win here.

I just have to. I have no choice. The second McLovin wrote #InPhilWeTrust, this thing was over. He scored an own goal, and he never recovered. No matter how outrageous it was of Isola to find a month old tweet that he isn’t even tagged in… No matter how lame his ten-thousandth “Berman of the Post” joke was… No matter how egregious it is to suggest that Pitch Perfect could EVER be ruined*… There’s no way for me to ignore that Phil Jackson praise. If you trust Phil Jackson, I don’t trust you. And none of the goodwill you’ve build up from being involved in some of the best movies of the last ten years can overshadow the fact that you’re naive enough to trust that big lumbering fuck and his wildly outdated philosophies on basketball and life.

Sorry McLovin. You lose. But really, we all lose too. Fuck this team. 

P.S.   Yeah man, so dope.

*Pitch Perfect 2 is on an HBO run so I’ve watched both movies at least twenty times now in the last three weeks. The Sign/Bulletproof mashup is a top 5 song ever. Don’t @ me.


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