Justin Timberlake Dropped A Banger This Morning


Justin Timberlake… the only dude who can pull off a Fedora. You hear that guys? The ONLY one.

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I feel like it’s been a hot minute since we last got a Timberlake song, hasn’t it? What’s the last thing he did? Was it Mirror? Suit and Tie? That was like 2012 though, right? Anyway – glad to have him back. Absolute banger. And a hilarious reminder that Timberlake is the only person alive who can pull off a Fedora. The only one. You hear that, guys? The ONLY one.

P.S.   Shoutout to Anna Kendrick, doing things as usual.

Quick little related sidenote: Pitch Perfect 2 has been on an HBO run the last few weeks, and I’ve watched Pitch Perfect 1 and pitch Perfect 2 a total of about 19 times the last three weeks. I don’t know why I’m admitting that, I think I’m just saying it out loud to ake it feel real


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