Aaron Hicks Threw A Man Out With A 105.5mph Throw Last Night – The Fastest Throw Ever Recorded By Statcast


Power Arms baby. That’s what the 2016 Yankees are all about. Sure we can’t hit a lick, but bah gawd we will throw the ball hard.

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NEW YORK — The Athletics tested Yankees left fielder Aaron Hicks’ arm twice in the fourth inning of Oakland’s 5-2 win on Wednesday, and their second challenge produced the fastest throw ever recorded by Statcast™

With the A’s leading, 3-1, Hicks showed off his gifted right arm with a laser to home plate that registered 105.5 mph, snagging Yonder Alonso’s fly ball to medium-depth left field and throwing home on a hop to nail Danny Valencia.

The previous high registered by Statcast™ was 103.1, by the Astros’ Carlos Gomezlast September. The previous high on a throw from Hicks — who reached the upper 90s as a standout pitcher in high school — was 103.07 on Sept. 30.


Power Arms baby. That’s what the 2016 Yankees are all about. Chapman, Miller, Betances, Pinder in the bullpen. Severino and Evoldi in the rotation. Hicks in the outfield. Brian Cashman knows that Power Arms are the most valuable commodity in baseball, and he is stockpiling them

Sure we can’t hit a lick when we need to. And our lineup is full of washed former-stars who won’t get in a groove until June and will slow down in September. But bah gawd we will throw the ball hard. 90 in the Loss column, 100 on the gun – the story of the 2016 New York Yankees

P.S.   I’m actually all for this “stockpiling arms” strategy. Cashman is doing it right. There was nothing he could do about the lineup this offseason that didn’t include but mortgaging the future for one more old bat. Add young power arms, hope for a few special ones. And worry about building a lineup later. I’m totally fine with this. But that doesn’t mean I can’t complain with every 3-1 loss this season.

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