Odell Tattoos NYC On His Back, Basically Confirms He’ll Be A Giant For Life


Dancing videos? What dancing videos?

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Dancing videos? What dancing videos? I don’t know what you’re talking about. What do you mean, Drake’s house? Get outta here. I live on the internet all day every day. I think I would’ve seen it if Odell was dancing in a new video every day. Dancing? I don’t see any dancing here. You guys are crazy. All I know is that Odell is getting ready for another record breaking season and the first of the many Super Bowls he’s about to win as a Giants lifer because he let us know he’s staying in New York forever and this is the only thing he’s posted all offseason because he’s so hard at work and eyes on the prize and the best receiver in the league and hey look the NBA Playoffs are on gotta write a blog right now sorry talk to you guys later byeeee.

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