No, Conor McGregor Isn’t Really Retiring From MMA… Or Is He?

Conor McGregor,

I still think Conor McGregor will fight again… I just don’t know if it’ll be for the UFC

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No, you guys, Conor McGregor is not retiring from UFC. That is not a thing that is actually happening.

Anyone with half an eye and two brains can see the promotional aspect of this move. It’s mid-April, the sports world is void of controversy, and the last MMA headline before today is that a guy died after his last fight. UFC needs a narrative change, the casual sports world needs a story that doesn’t involve Johnny Manziel*, and as much as ESPN wants to push the Kiper mock draft 13.7, we’re still a week away from caring about the NFL Draft.

Dana White saw an opportunity to grab some headlines, so he convinced his big money guy to fake his retirement and create a story to get on Around The Horn and PTI. It’s a mutually beneficial financial move. Dana gets the headlines, Conor gets some media attention, and they both make a boatload of money turning Conor’s next fight into a “comeback”.

This isn’t complicated. It’s showbusiness. And anyone who can’t see that this is just publicity stunt doesn’t understand how fight promoti– OH MY GOD, THAT’S VINCE MCMAHON’S MUSIC


Look… I don’t actually buy the WWE thing. I still think this retirement is fake, and that he’ll headline the next major UFC card.

But… I mean… is it that crazy?

Seriously, what if Vince just threw the book at him? Couldn’t you see Conor taking it? He’s already the most electric microphone guy in all of sports and entertainment – isn’t this a natural transition? And he’s already reached the pinnacle of MMA – what else can he really accomplish there?

If you’re Conor McGregor, wouldn’t you get out of the UFC now? You get out before the CTE, headline the WWE for a year, and transition into movies and TV just like The Rock. Isn’t that a smarter career/quality of life/financial move? Why not get out while the gettin’s still good? We saw what happened when Ronda Rousey made the WWE/Hollywood move but stuck around one fight too long – why repeat that same mistake?

If I had to bet… I still think this retirement is fake. Everything we’ve seen from Conor McGregor leads me to believe that the guy has too much pride, and too much financially savvy, to go out with a loss and a tweet. I’m sure he’s well aware of the risks of getting KO’d like Rousey, and I’m sure he knows what that’ll do to his brand. But this guy will fight another UFC match… and I think that’ll be his last.

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