Vin Scully Reading A Grocery List


I know these Vin Scully things have kind of jumped the shark and all, but come on… dude made a GROCERY LIST absolutely captivating

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Look… I know these Vin Scully things have already kind of jumped the shark. But I don’t care. Dude made a grocery list an absolutely CAPTIVATING listen. I mean think about that. A goddamn grocery list. It’s one thing to tell a story about Madison Bumgarner ripping a snake to pieces and saving a rabbit’s life*. It’s a whole other thing to turn a grocery list into the best thirty seconds of radio this entire season.

I know we’re going to be bombarded by Vin Scully stories, and I know this whole Vin Scully retirement tour will get old eventually. But sometimes these videos are just too good not to post.

And yes, of course i have the Bumgarner video* mentioned above. What an absolute savage.



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