Hillary Says She Keeps Hot Sauce In Her Bag In One Of The Most Hilarious Pandering Efforts Of All Time


Hillary claiming to keep Hot Sauce in her bag is a storyline ripped straight from the script of Veep

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This Hillary Hot Sauce thing is a storyline ripped straight from the script of Veep. It’s almost too perfect. Anyone who watches Veep can imagine Gary running around the Breakfast Club studios asking various black women if he can borrow their hot sauce, or Jonah turning to someone in the next room to whisper “swag” and get the most awkward response imaginable. The idea that Hillary can win the black vote by attempting to convince the world she keeps hot sauce in her bag (on of the most blatant, preposterous lies I’ve ever heard) is such a perfectly out-of-touch, Amy Brookheimer strategy it’s a shock we haven’t seen Sele- i mean Hillary say this before. And the potential exchange between Mike and Sue asking if she carries hot sauce in her bag pretty much writes itself

Yeah, of course I’m the most excited to get Game Of Thrones back in my life on Sunday. It’s gonna be awesome. But don’t sleep on the potential of Veep this season. Between the Selena-Hillary parallels and the general insanity of this election, the crossover potential is unlimited. HBO just has to hope Hillary doesn’t steal every storyline before these episodes air. Because if the writers said they wrote this exact plot for episode four this season, I’d have no reason not to believe them.

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