Desiigner Puukes On Staage, Dabs, Keeps Perfoorming


Desiigner knows his 15 minutes are almost up, and he’s not about to waaste a seecond of that time.

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I gotta hand it to Desiigner here – the man is self aware. Any normal person might think, “Hey, I’m about to puke, maybe I should run back stage so I don’t look like Aubrey Posen at Finals.”

Not Desiigner.

He knows his 15 minutes are almost up, and he’s not about to waaste a seecond of that time. There’s no 2nd hit coming. There’s no repeating the success of Panda. Yeezy ain’t giving up another beat for poor man’s Future to mumble over. So the last thing Desiigner is about to do is stop the wave to blow chunks off stage. Embrace the moment. Puke and rally. Because it’s all downhill the second that everyone gets sick of hearing “PANDA PANDA PANDA PANDA I GET BROADS IN ATLANTA DISDNSDDSKFJGLKREFXOVHSREHJBSRBEKJRSYFSD CREDIT CARDS SEHBGSJKTHBGDRJTGJDBSFKJERWHBK EHJRBKEJBDSV WGJHRTKJHBDF PANDA KSDFBRSTKGBDD SFBHERM PANDA”

And to be honest, I’m already there. That song fucking stinks.

P.S.   What else dose Desiigner perform at his shows? It’s just Panda on a 25 minute loop, right? I imagine him being like, “this is my new so– ahhhh just fucking with you, PANDA PANDA PANDA…”

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