Joe Pesci Told Louis CK To Quit Standup


“You tink you’re funny, huh Lewy? Funny how? I ain’t laughin at your shows. Do something funny for me, huh? Make me laugh, funny man.”

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So… this means Louis is done with standup, right? That’s it for him now, correct? I mean maybe I’m wrong here, but I would you just assume that once Joe Pesci tells you you’re not funny, well… well that means you’re not funny.

Forget the millions of fans, forget being a “comic’s comic”, forget the adoration of your peers, forget the multiple TV shows. If you get the kiss of death from Joe Pesci, it’s all over.

Shit, he’d be done even if the world never heard this story. The thousand deaths that Louis must’ve died upon hearing that from Pesci’s mouth has probably killed any of the self-confidence Louis he built up over the last twenty years. All those jokes, all that stage presence, all that cache… it’s all gone. The second Pesci stares you in the eyes and tells you’re nothing, your entire self worth must just crumble to dust.

You tink you’re funny, huh Lewy? Funny how? I ain’t laughin at your shows. Do something funny for me, huh? Make me laugh, funny man.

I guess if there’s a lesson to take away from this story… it’s to never approach Joe Pesci about anything, ever. Because while I can see how Louis CK’s shit jokes and masturbation stories might not resonate with an old recluse like Pesci, it’s hard to imagine anyone making him laugh these days if Louis can’t.

At the very least though, Louis got an all time story out of it… so there’s that.

P.S.   There were only two possible options when it comes to Joe Pesci and cunnilingus. Either he was an absolute savant, or it was completely beneath him. Absolutely no in between. To be honest, I would’ve definitely leaned towards savant. But at the same time, hearing that he refuses to go down on a girl because it “puts him beneath her” is pretty perfect in it’s own right. I’m not saying I think Joe Pesci will die soon, but if that’s the last story we ever hear about him, then that’s a pretty perfect story to go out on.

P.P.S.   Lowkey the funniest picture ever


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