Oh Yeah… The Warriors Won Their 73rd Game Last Night


I get that Kobe scoring 60 on 50 shots is going to be the #1 story no matter what. It’s just crazy that Warriors breaking one of the most improbable records in sports history just became an afterthought.

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I know that people still acknowledged the Warriors last night, but it is kind of crazy that this wasn’t the biggest story. Greatest regular season team of all time, Steph hitting ten threes to give him over FOUR HUNDRED for the year, and yet we’ve got the whole world watching Kobe shoot 50 meaningless shots in a meaningless game to end a meaningless 17 win season. It’s not even Kobe’s fault. He can’t do anything about the schedule. And even if he didn’t turn this whole Lakers season into a circus, people would still care about his last game. So while the whole FIFTY SHOTS thing absolutely reduces the “magic” of 60 points, I get that Kobe scoring 60 to end his career is going to be the #1 story no matter what. It’s just crazy that Warriors breaking one of the most improbable records in sports history has become an afterthought today. In a weird way, it’s almost a fitting way to end a season in which their remarkable achievement overshadowed the nearly-as-remarkable achievement by the Spurs in going 40-1 at home. And, truth be told, I actually think that the reduced attention surrounding the 73rd win is actually a blessing in disguise for a team already facing immense pressure these playoffs.

Anyway… congrats to the W’s on their incredible regular season.

P.S.   402 threes is already outrageous, and that’s before you even realize that it’s 116 more than he hit last year. I knew that he made 286 last year, I think I even blogged about it when he passed that number in like January or whenever it was. But every time I heard 400 last night I kept thinking that maybe I was thinking of two years ago… that maybe he hit over 300 last year and I was just forgetting. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the jump from 286 to 402 until I physically saw the numbers on basketball reference. And honestly, I still don’t totally believe it.

P.P.S.   I like that nobody in the media or on Twitter can talk about the Warriors record without mentioning that they HAVE TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP OR THOSE 73 WINS MEAN NOTHING. As if that’s some great realization. Hey guys… no shit. The Warriors, their fans, and pretty much every person watching sports knows that they have to win a Championship. Nobody is going to forget that if you don’t mention it. Just tell me what you think about the regular season. We all know how important the whole Championship aspect is to this season.

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