The Bloodline Season 2 Trailer Gets… Well It Gets Pretty Dark


There’s absolutely nothing on TV until Game Of Thrones comes back. If you haven’t already, go watch Bloodline Season 1 right away.

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So… that got dark, huh?

I know the big sentiment in the TV world is that Game Of Thrones is about to get really dark this year, but don’t sleep on Bloodline. Extortion, drug trafficking, murder… the Rayburns can get pretty goddamn dark themselves. Season 1 was one of the big surprised of last year, and I have high expectations for an even darker, even better season 2. “Sometimes, all there is… is more darkness”

Personally I still think Thrones, Fargo, and Mr. Robot are the best things going right now. But after that? Bloodline is riiiight there on that second tier with Better Call Saul, Peaky Blinders*, and House of Cards. I’ll put the acting and storyline on Bloodline up there with anything. It might not carry the same weight as House of Cards or Daredevil or OITNB, but I enjoyed season 1 of Bloodline more than any other show on Netflix.

If you haven’t already, go watch Season 1 right now. There’s nothing on TV until Thrones returns anyway. And I guarantee you’ll blow through Bloodline before next Sunday.

*Shoutout to Peaky Blinders for saying they were “releasing a trailer” and giving us  15 second poster with music. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going into a season with no spoilers. But once you say “trailer”, you have to give me something more than Tommy Shelby’s face for 15 seconds. Nothing worse than a blue balls trailer.

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