I Could Watch British Politicians Argue Forever


You think Trump is petulant? These guys just got in a “take it back” fight over the word “dodgy”

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I’m not even kidding, I could watch an entire day of this. Just the absolute best. Calls for order, fights over disrespectful adverbs, the term “honorable”. So proper, so dignified, so distinguished…. all while having what amounts to a “take it back” “I’m NOT taking it back” argument. And over the word dodgy, no less. A word that, short of maybe crumpets and cheeky, might be the most British word of all time. Just another example of how much funnier and more entertaining British politics is and will always be than American politics. You think Trump is petulant? This motherfucker just got the boot for refusing to take back the word dodgy. What an ABSUUUURD PROPOSITION.

P.S.   Outrageous tie game here from this guy. This guy is supposed to be the mediator for British Parliament and he looks like a middle school art teacher who had to find a tie for Parent-Teacher conferences


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