Hey, Wanna See Some Disgusting Pictures Of JPP’s Mangled Hand After The Accident?


Come on, you know you’re gonna look. Just click the link already.

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If you clicked on this blog that means you want to see these pictures, so I’m not gonna beat around the bush here… they are fucking disgusting. I mean, just some absolutely repulsive shit. Motherfucker looks like he’s wearing a cooking mitt… just with ligaments and tendons and blood and shit. I don’t even know how to describe it really, you really just have to see it for yourselves.

Before we get into it–and to give you another second to contemplate looking at it (you’re totally still gonna look)–all the credit in the world to JPP for coming back from this. Forget the ridicule and the jokes and the constant bashing he (justifiably) took on social media. That shit is NOTHING compared to the mental hurdle of just pushing through the realization that you really just don’t have a right hand anymore. Professional football career aside, just the day-to-day reminder that you blew up your hand in the dumbest possible way would drive me completely insane. I really don’t know if I could live with myself. And not only did this guy just return to work… he thrived. He played as well as you could ever ask of someone returning from, you know, losing his fucking hand.

So yeah, the jokes will always be funny. And it sucks that this guy who had that much talent will never really reach the heights he should have. But what’s done is done. And the way he’s handled this whole thing deserves nothing but praise.

Alright… Fair Warning… or whatever…







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