Dabo Signed A New Contract & Clemson Got Some Dope Uniform Upgrades


He’s transformed Clemson from a borderline Top 25 team into the best non-Bama college football program in the country. Five straight years of double digit wins and another top five recruiting class. As many viral moments as wins over national powerhouses. This was a no-brainer.

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First of all… those uni upgrades are fiiiiiiiire. The throwback paw on the top of the shoulderpad? Cheeeeeeesus. Best uniforms in the country and that’s not even the hometown bias talking. Anyone who doesn’t fuck with that clean ass orange and white combo can kick rocks.

Just another reason Clemson is the hottest football school in the country…


ESPN  —  On the heels of a national championship game appearance, Clemson and Dabo Swinney have agreed to a new six-year contract that will pay the coach more than $30 million, the school announced Tuesday. “This new contract was important for us not only for what Dabo has accomplished in his eight seasons here but for what we know the program will continue to achieve — both on and off the field — for the foreseeable future,” athletic director Dan Radakovich said in a release. The deal is for $30.75 million, with $1 million more allotted for retention bonuses — he would get $600,000 if he’s still with the Tigers on New Year’s Day 2019 and $400,000 more on New Year’s Day 2021.

No surprise here to see Dabo get a pay raise from the University. There’s really no reason he shouldn’t be paid like one of the five best coaches in the country. He’s transformed Clemson from a borderline Top 25 team to very arguably the best college football program outside of Alabama. He wins on the field (five straight 10+ win seasons) and off the field (another top five recruiting class). He’s beloved as much by the media as he is by the fans. He’s made Clemson a premier destination for recruits, and he’s turned those recruits into first round NFL talent. He turned Clemson into a prime-time national TV team and the number one school for (beneficial) viral videos on the internet. He’s taken down Oklahoma, and Notre Dame, and Florida State, and LSU, and every other national powerhouse he’s faced except one. And if not for one of the most perfectly executed trick plays of all time, he would’ve taken them down too. He’s built Clemson into the most consistently successful on and off field program in college football, and he’s done it all without the cache of an Alabama or Michigan or Ohio State. And after he brings a Heisman and a National Championship back to Death Valley this year, I’d be happy to donate a little more money (more than zero dollars) to the school to raise his pay again. Fuck it, he’s earned it.





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