HBO Rolling Out A New Game Of Thrones Trailer Is Exactly What I Needed


The Dead are coming.

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It’s been a really shitty day so far. I slept for like three hours last night. I’m tired. I feel like shit. I can’t write words well. It took me three hours to write a pretty meh take on Jordan Spieth/Cam Newton. I’m just an absolute mess. Nothing is going well.

But at least there’s this. At least I have Thrones. At least I have some new nuggets to dig into in the latest trailer. At least we’re only 13 days away from Season Six. The Dead are coming


P.S.   Part of the reason I’m in such a bad mood is that I was legitimately mad that Game Of Thrones wasn’t on last night. How do you fuck that up, HBO? It was so perfectly situated that we could go from The Masters right into Spurs-Warriors right into the Game Of Thrones/Silicon Valley/Veep premiers last night. Just an absolutely perfect day of television that everyone would have killed for. Huge miss HBO. YUUUGE miss.

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