Ivy League Mind, Navy SEAL Attitude


Happy Opening Day 

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“I think he [Joe Girardi] is the gold standard of the modern-day manager. He has an Ivy League mind with a Navy SEAL attitude.’’
-Alex Rodriguez

I don’t really know what to expect with this Yankees team just yet. I just can’t get a read on it. I look at the middle of the lineup and the top of the rotation and can’t legitimately talk myself into anything more than 81-81.

But then again, maybe this bullpen is special… and maybe Severino makes the leap… and maybe Tanaka and Piniedi put it all together this year… and maybe CC can reinvent himself at the bottom of the rotation… and maybe my weird belief in the bottom of the lineup is justified… and maybe A-Rod has one last great season in him… and maybe some of that minor league talent comes up midseason… and maybe we’re not the 3rd or 4th place team the league thinks we are… and maybe this can be a playoff team

Because more than anything else, I actually truly believe in Girardi.

After all these years, and all the shit he’s dealt with, and all the pressure he’s been under, something about this season of lowered expectations leads me to believe that this could be his personal best season yet.

Ivy League Mind, Navy SEAL Attitude.

Opening Day, Let’s Go Yanks

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