Boogie & Rondo Sarcastically Clapping Together Last Night Was Perfectly Boogie & Rondo


I don’t think we’ve truly appreciated just how funny it is that these two have been on the same team all season. I’m shocked that they haven’t killed each other. But at the same time, them becoming friends actually makes perfect sense.

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I don’t think we’ve truly appreciated just how funny it is that these two are on the same team. I mean you’re talking about two of the most polarizing players of this generation. Two quirky guys with slight personality disorders that, when mixed with their hyper-competitiveness, comes off as straight-up insanity at times. Players with such drive and intensity that, in certain situations, comes off as selfishness.

It’s the same thing that guys like Kobe and Russ and CP3 have. The only difference is the situations they’ve been in. Kobe had early success that taught him to harness it, CP3 had the freedom to basically take control how he wanted too, and Russ had KD there to bounce some of that pressure off of him. The difference with Boogie and Rondo is that they have both existed in weird situations. Rondo existed in this weird role as the fifth or sixth biggest personality behind some HUGE personalities in Boston, then didn’t really know what to do when he suddenly became the dominant personality. And Boogie hasn’t had more than a month of structure since he left Kentucky. They’re both weird, quirky guys who never really learned how to handle it all. Neither has totally figured out how to permanently harness their aggression and intensity for more than a couple weeks at a time. They haven’t figured out how to sustain success. There’s no consistency with them, and I don’t think that’s totally their fault.

And now they’ve both been thrown together on what could probably be called the most dysfunction franchise in basketball, attempting to win games with this weird collection of teammates and this coach who pretty openly hates both of them. And while they won’t make the playoffs, and their season has been a comedy of errors, I think they actually kind of like each other.

Oddly enough, I think they’ve kind of formed this weird bond. Maybe they’re not “friends”, so to say. But they have this funny connection brought upon by a mutual acknowledgement of their respective quirky hyper-competitiveness. And that all kind of manifested itself in their mutual sarcastic taunting of the refs. They’re about to win the game, and they can’t help but do the most Rondo and the most Boogie thing imaginable.

Here’s hoping they each finally find the right situation and figure it all out one day. I mean… maybe the right situation is there in Sacramento. I doubt it, but who ever knows with those two. If they could make it this far without killing each other, maybe they really were meant to play together.

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