The Knicks Are An Embarrassment But Hey We Still Have Kristaps!


Hey, at least one of our rookies gets to play. Because god forbid Jerian Grant gets more than 10 minutes in an meaningless March game. Gotta play those “experienced” guys like Jose and Sasha to win games so Phil can justify keeping Rambis around next year to run the Triangle. Glad to see that paid off last night, Zen Master.

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Knicks lose in embarrassing fashion. Kristaps made a few awesome plays to keep every Knicks fan off the ledge. Everyone else played like garbage and Kurt Rambis is a clueless asshole. Yada yada yada. Same old spiel. I guess the Carmelo hug was funny and all, but is there anything to even take away there?

He ran on the court and hugged Melo. Haha. The security guards didn’t even try to stop him. Lol. One day he’s gonna regret not hugging Kristaps instead. Lmfao. Great blog Ham. So funny.

I don’t know man, this team has just killed my spirits. I was at the bar and barely even made an effort to watch. Outside of the flashes of brilliance from KP that you see above, it’s just depressing to watch.

But you know what is officially the most depressing thing about the Knicks? This:

 9 minutes and 58 seconds for Jerian Grant.

Think about that. There are 8 games left in the season. You are officially–not just “more than likely”, but officially–out of the playoffs now. You’re playing a horrible team in New Orleans. Your first round draft pick point guard is one of two lone bright spots on what is otherwise an old, pathetic embarrassment of a team that so desperately needs a shot of youthfulness. He’s been playing with confidence when you give him actual minutes. He’s shown real confidence in his jump shot when given the minutes. He’s shown improved command of the point guard position when given the minutes. He’s shown that he can get the most out of the limited athleticism of this team when given the minutes. He’s shown that he and Kristaps make each other better when given the minutes. He’s shown that he can help this team at least get to .500 when given the minutes, and it bears out in the numbers too:

In the 8 games since the All Star Break where he’s played at least 16 minutes, the Knicks are 4-4. In those games he’s shot 25/50 (50%) from the field and 6/16 (37.5%) from three.

In the 12 games since the All Star Break where he’s played less than 16 minutes, the Knicks are 3-9. In those games he’s shot 11/30 (36%) from the field and 1/8 (12.5%) from three. And in the 7 of those games where he’s played less than 10 minutes, like last night, the Knicks are 1-6.

Sixteen minutes… that’s not even a lot of minutes. That’s an 8 minute stretch to end the 1st and start the 2nd, then another 8 minute stretch to end the 3rd and start the fourth. A completely normal rotation for a backup point guard. You don’t even have to play him crunch time. It’s two goddamn stretches. And that’s even before you consider who he’s actually losing minutes too. Sixteen minutes… that’s it.

And yet you can’t even find him TEN minutes in a meaningless March game. TEN FUCKING MINUTES??? You can’t play him ten goddamn minutes because you want the vaunted experience of true pros like Jose Calderon, Arron Afflalo, and Sasha fucking Vujacic to help you win this completely meaningless March game?

Sacrificing the development of the team’s second most important you asset, all just in a desperate attempt to tack on a few end-of-season wins to help Phil justify keeping you around next season to run this stupid triangle and lose another 50+ games.

And it didn’t even work.

Fuck Kurt Rambis.

Fuck Jose Calderon.

Fuck Arron Afflalo.

Fuck Sasha Vujacic.

And most of all Fuck Phil Jackson.

Goddammit I hate this team. Just get me to free agency 2017 already.

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