Lamar Odom Seen Drinking Before Easter Mass, Five Months After Almost Dying


I’m not here to judge Lamar Odom for drinking just five months after basically dying in a whore house, because there’s nothing to judge as far as I’m concerned. You call it a relapse, I call it self control. The fact that this guy can cut himself off at one glass of cognac and not drink himself numb to ease the pain of living with the Kardashians is legitimately the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. 

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TMZ Sports  —  Lamar Odom is playing with fire — boozing at an Irish bar early Easter Sunday morning … hours before he went to church with the Kardashians … TMZ Sports has learned.  We spoke with multiple staffers and patrons at the bar who tell us Odom arrived to Johnny O’Brien pub in Sherman Oaks, CA with 2 unidentified male friends just before midnight on Saturday — and stayed until around 1 AM on Sunday. Staffers confirmed Odom ordered 3 Remy Martin drinks and paid for them himself. Hours later, Odom was spotted at church with Khloe Kardashian and company … wearing the same sweatshirt, shades and chain. He was holding a Starbucks coffee cup. The whole situation is concerning to say the least — considering Odom has serious substance abuse issues … which culminated back in October when he overdosed on cocaine and sexual enhancement pills. Odom’s body has been through war — he suffered multiple strokes and organ damage due to the overdose … so drinking might be the last thing you’d expect to see him do.  We reached out to Odom’s camp several times — but so far, it’s radio silence


I know it’s hard for me to call this a non-story. After all, I am turning it into a story by blogging it. But it’s not a story in the way you think it is. I’m not here to judge Lamar Odom for drinking just five months after basically dying in a whore house, because there’s nothing to judge as far as I’m concerned.

This is not a relapse. This is not a cry for help. This is not even a minor slip up. No, no, no. 

Dude is in the Kardashian universe. He’s back with the family that drove him to $450,000 crack parties and budget dick pill whorehouse overdoses. He is living under the thumb of a woman who pimped her own daughter’s sex tape. His entire life has been a media circus for almost a decade. He should absolutely be dead right now.

That family sucked his soul out. No one in their right mind could blame him for drowning himself in liquor to numb the pain.

So the fact that he can go out to the bar and cut himself off at one glass of cognac is legitimately the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. That is remarkable self control. That dude could butt funnel moonshine on the bar and I wouldn’t judge him. He could walk into church and smoke rocks right on the alter and I’d defend him today. He gets the free pass of all free passes, and he gets that for life.

This wasn’t a relapse. If anything, this is just redemption. And I for one am overwhelming proud of Lamar for that.

Let the man drink his self-controlled single glass of cognac and rock the same sweats from the night before in peace. He’s still rocking the Concrete Fours, and those alone are nicer than whatever your judgmental ass wore to church and brunch on Sunday.


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