Celebrity Rule Of Threes Strikes Again: Garry Shandling Dead At 66


Garry Shandling, Phife Dawg, and Rob Ford is an ALL TIME Celebrity Rule of Threes… three legitimate legends… brutal

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I hate to be that asshole who uses death for blog material, but this has to be mentioned. Three days and we lost three absolute giants. Celebrity rule of threes back at again, somehow managing to always take three celebrities at a time.

And sure Rob Ford doesn’t necessarily fit in with the legendary rapper and the legendary comedian, but he was a legitimate worldwide celebrity over these last three. I wrote about him here on Tuesday.

As for Phife and Shandling, they actually fit into the exact same category for me. Both stand as a perfect example of someone who I loved without ever really fully diving into their work. Every time I’d heard Tribe I’ve always vibed heavy to it. Every time I’d watched The Larry Sanders Show I laughed my ass off. But I never took the time to dive headfirst into either like I should have. Part of that is due to a lack of major commercial notoriety. Part of it is due to both falling riiiiiight before my time, in that 92-98 range. But most of it is due to this insane pedestal I put certain things on in my mind.

Does anyone else do this? I’ll find out about something – a show, an album, a movie, whatever – that everyone says is incredible. Except instead of just immediately consuming it, I’ll view it as “something to watch when it feels right”. If it’s not currently airing, or the group isn’t still together, I’ll just assume I can watch it whenever. I’ll put it on this pedestal in my mind, and wait for the perfect day to just dive in. But that day never comes, and you procrastinate, and then you start to forget about it, and then by the time it comes back around, it’s already permanently entrenched in your head that you can’t consume this thing until it’s the perfect time to experience it.

I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. The point I’m trying to make here is that I wish I had consumed these things sooner. I’ve listened to the whole Tribe catalogue nonstop the last two days, but all I can feel is regret that I didn’t do it sooner. And when I start season 1 of The Larry Sanders Show tonight, I’m sure I’ll have that same feeling in between the laughs.

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